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The Windsor Central Supervisory Union will be sponsoring our second Innovation in Education Conference at the Woodstock Inn on April 2 -4, 2019.

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Innovation in Learning Blog

In the fall of 2017 a group of students, educators, and board members visited innovative schools throughout the country. The West Coast group visited High Tech High and Design 39. The East Coast group visited the Harvard iLab, MIT Teaching Systems Lab,  the new building for the Dearborn STEM Academy, Meadowbrook School, Weston Field School, String Theory School, and Olin College. 


Innovation in Learning Report

After reflecting on their observations during the site visits, the East Coast and West Coast teams identified 8 elements of innovation: authentic work, impact of the physical environment on learning, student choice and leadership, fostering empathy, the design process and failure, rethinking school structures, collaboration, and community relationships.