Innovation in Learning Study Group

Surveying WCSU Educators

With the first round of school visits just around the corner, the Innovation in Learning Study Group conducted a survey to identify questions educators have about innovative schools.

When the WCSU community was asked what Innovative Learning meant to them, the majority of the respondents used words such as self-instigated, interdisciplinary, authentic and using space flexibly.  The idea of thinking in new ways, using technology to facilitate thinking and, learning how to learn was also mentioned.  Most noted the need for learning to be meaningful for students.

Educators also offered a variety of questions surrounding topics of assessment, instruction of basic skills, and the impact on curriculum.  It was important to those surveyed to investigate strategies to include and engage community members and resources.  Further, developing a culture of innovation among teachers and students was important to those who provided input.

Potential was seen in many areas such as bringing together departments, disciplines and community resources.  They noted the opportunities to enhance student engagement and learning outside the physical building.  Concerns highlighted methods of assessment, having adequate financial resources, and providing a unified message to the community.  In addition, the impact of this educational shift on the maintenance of basic skills, the overuse of technology and the need for appropriate training was noted.