Innovation in Learning Study Group

Sunday afternoon and the first day of our innovation adventure

The west coast school visit team is on their way to southern California! The team came together quickly at the Dartmouth Coach terminal. Keri Bristow and Kate Watts executed the itinerary with the expertise of seasoned travelers.  Keri had a bag full of treats and all of our passes, Jen Stainton had clipboards created in our NuView lab with the WUHS logo, and Kate Watts made sure that we all boarded the bus on time.  We had our first challenge with our nonstop flight needing a refueling stop in Phoenix adding an hour to our flight.  All handled the change without issue and were glad to know that we would have enough fuel to make it to San Diego. Many engaged in conversation over what we would see on our visit, the opportunities for new learning that we would see, and the concerns that had to be addressed.  Tomorrow will come early but we have many questions to answer and new ideas to consider.