Innovation in Learning Study Group

East Coast: Take aways from Harvard Innovation Lab

By: Gabe Bango (10th grade student)

The Harvard Innovation Lab was a space for students to work on start-up companies. The really innovative thing about it was the use and organization of the space. The lab had different rooms and sections for different purposes that were equipped for those purposes. They had larger spaces for group work and collaboration, as well as small spaces that were available to reserve for either individual or small group work. There was a conference room that was perfectly soundproof and had an oval-shaped. This design allowed the sound of a person’s voice to be heard clearly throughout the room. Another characteristic of the space was a woodshop that was open for anyone that needed the space. To me, this seems like it could be very useful during project-based learning and an opportunity to use your hands. One thing that the architects wanted us to pay close attention to was how the iLab was furnished. There were very comfortable spaces with sofas and arm chairs, as well as areas to work more efficiently. This is a great idea for our school because it provides options for students to choose from, as well as creates a comfortable environment to work in.