Innovation in Learning Study Group

Advanced Studies in Spanish: Art as Passion

By: Keri Bristow

After returning from High Tech High I was inspired to try out some project-based learning in my Advanced Studies in Spanish class.  All juniors and seniors who are proficient in Spanish at the Intermediate level (a very high level on the ACTFL scale) explored themes topically.  Together we created a project called Art as Passion.  Each student chose an art form that they wanted to learn more about and connected it to the Spanish-speaking world.  From dance, to photography, to creative arts, animation, digital music and culinary arts, students produced a creative component.  We exhibited our work on an evening that began with a dance performance, continuing to a gallery walk and presentations in our library, with parents and friends who viewed the arts.  It included a slide show presentation with narration in Spanish that can be utilized by other teachers of Spanish.  It was a successful evening due to the public presentation in front of a sympathetic audience where art, language and learning came together.