WCSU Bus Routes

2019-2020 Bus Routes (as of Aug. 21, 2019)

Please click on the link to view or download a copy of your school's bus route stop locations and times. Bus numbers may vary. Please find your closest street location.

If you have questions or concerns about the bus route(s), please call your school's Administrative AssistantThey will record your concerns, and we will work toward solutions. Emergencies will be handled immediately.

Barnard AM Route
Barnard PM Route

Bridgewater AM Route
Bridgewater PM Route

Killington 1 AM Route
Killington 1 PM Route

Killington 2 AM Route
Killington 2 PM Route

Pomfret AM Route
Pomfret PM Route

Reading AM Route
Reading PM Route

Woodstock 1 AM Route
Woodstock 1 PM Route

Woodstock 2 AM Route
Woodstock 2 PM Route

Woodstock 3 AM Route
Woodstock 3 PM Route