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Based in the beautiful, historic town of Woodstock, Vermont, The Windsor Central Supervisory Union (WCSU) is comprised of six K-6 elementary schools in the towns of Barnard, Bridgewater, Killington, Pomfret, Reading, and Woodstock. Students from these towns, as well as tuition students from neighboring towns, attend Woodstock Union Middle School and High School located on Amsden Way in Woodstock . Pre-K services are offered at Reading Elementary and Barnard Academy, as well as other schools through community partnerships both on-site and off-site.



Windsor Central Supervisory Union’s mission is based on the four principles of cohesiveness, equity, high academic standards and professional practice. These principles will guide the support and leadership WCSU will provide to the individual school districts that constitute the supervisory union. The leadership provided by WCSU will be focused on the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of students within the WCSU schools from kindergarten through high school so that students will be prepared to achieve productive and fulfilling lives.

Adopted by the WCSU Board November 12, 2012

Summer SOAK!

Windsor Central Supervisory Union offered a four-week full-day summer program starting June 23rd and ending on July 18th. The program offered academic, service learning and enrichment activities at the middle/high school campus. A focus on expanded learning through innovative instruction that accelerates learning and opportunities for enrichment were key goals as seen in the Camping in Vermont and Wizard’s of Woodstock sessions. Outdoor and adventure based activities that engaged the mind and body were included in student choices such as mountain biking and building model planes. High school students were enlisted as mentors to elementary school students providing opportunities to develop leadership skills and community service credits. Off campus learning was embedded in the program and took place at Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Park and Woodstock Recreation Center. The instructional methods and experiences of this summer program felt different from school year classes. By providing this four-week program, administrators hoped to achieve the goal of improving students’ academic achievement while providing a variety of enriching opportunities. .


From the Superintendent



Dear Students, Families, Staff and Friends of WCSU:
Welcome students, parents, community members and friends to Windsor Central Supervisory Union located in Woodstock Vermont. Our SU office serves and supports the work of the schools in the communities of Barnard, Bridgewater, Killington, Reading and Woodstock and the Woodstock Union Middle and High School. WCSU and member schools are committed to four core principles: Equity, Cohesiveness, High Academic Standards and Professional Practice. These principles guide our decision making and our work on behalf of the students in our care.
The 2014/2015 school year is filled with opportunity and promise. During the summer we launched a new and creative summer program which we call SOAK (Student Opportunity for Achievement and Knowledge) that was a resounding success. For four weeks, nearly 200 students from across the supervisory union gathered on the WUHS/MS campus for a variety of engaging learning opportunities designed to challenge minds and support the sustainability of academic skills. New cross-school friendships blossomed and new skills emerged or were refined. We look forward to another season in June 2015. Teachers returned to school on August 25th with renewed energy excited about their new students, teaching assignments and the collaborative professional work underway throughout the supervisory union. Our literacy initiative has had a positive launch for K-8 classroom teachers; 9-12 teachers continue their work on the three focus areas of Advisory, Performance Assessment and Personal Learning Plans. The Administrative Team has renewed its commitment to work designed to strategically meet our four principles. This includes a focus on classroom instructional practice; supervision and evaluation of staff; purposeful planning; and using data for decision making. All monthly Administrative Team meetings include an opportunity to look together at “virtual classrooms” in order to hone our skills at classroom observation and analysis of professional practice. Regular walk-throughs by our administrators provide an opportunity for Principals to gather information that will not only guide the supervision of teachers but also provide data for strategic Action Planning including budget development. WCSU Board members are actively engaged in critical work designed to provide the best learning opportunities for students while maintaining fiscal responsibility to their communities. As our schools and many others in Vermont experience declining enrollment and increasing costs, this is a real challenge but one that is being thoughtfully met. The commitment of all adults involved in creating and sustaining excellence and equity in our schools is outstanding. This commitment and the activities described above create the cohesiveness we know will preserve our quality schools.
AliceThomason Worth



 The WCSU Board adopted the following principles selected by the WCSU Administrative Team. These principles will serve as touchstones to guide and focus our work.









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New Course Offering for WCSU Teachers !
Teacher participants can receive up to three graduate level course credits from Castleton State College
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